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a month
  • 75 SMS Branded Feedback Requests
  • 100 Branded Email Requests
  • Reviews Professionally Managed
  • Custom Survey Questions
  • Website Review Page - SEO Friendly
  • "Happy Customer" Email Notifications
  • 100+ 3rd Party Review Sites
  • Website 5-Star "Pop-Up"
  • No Set-Up Fee
  • Premium Phone Support

IMC Reseller Package and Volume Pricing

The PRO Package: was $125.

It's $99 and less for all Resellers! Then you decide your profit.

When you sign-up
IMC Base Cost
Your Monthly Profit
1 - 5 customers
$99/month per customer
$26/month per customer profit
6 -10 customers
$95/month per customer
$30/month per customer profit
11 or more customers
$90/month per customer
$35/month per customer profit
More you sign-up
Less Cost
Greater Profit
  • How it works.

    Add IMC PRO review software to your client's website at no additional work for you and increase your monthly profit. It's that simple! IMC then manages your customer's dashboard. No sweat for you!

  • For example...

    Onboard 25 customers = $875 additional profit for you each month or $10,500 per year! And we do all the work.

  • Put more in the package!

    Give your clients even more. Do you offer Local SEO, Website Design, Website Maintenance, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Print Marketing, PPC Marketing, Social Media, IT Consulting, or Business Consulting? Could you simply roll our 5-Star Reviews Package into what you already have in place? What other options can you think of? Take your clients to the next level! While putting dollars in your pocket!

  • Custom Pricing...tailored just for you.

    We make billing simple. For example: Each month you collect $125 from your client. We charge you $99. You make a profit of $26 each month or $312 over 12 months. Monthly billing is based on the total number of customers you have on board. You invoice your customers directly AT ANY PRICE you want above the IMC base cost. We make doing business easy!

  • Reminder...

    This the PRO package (normally $125). This package includes 75 texted feedback requests per month, plus these are also branded with the client's logo. How good is that!

  • Have any questions?

    What are you already selling? Would this be easy to include? Could this be another tool in your toolbox? Would this make you more of a one-stop-shop? Plus, you pass the workload to us...and you work directly with me. Since 2012, IMC has been the trusted resource for getting 5-star reviews. And we look forward to many years to come. We have you shine, one 5-star at a time!

  • Getting started is simple.

    No contracts needed. Just let IMC know you are interested so that we can be with you each step of the way. Let's grow this together. Say "YES" to Reselling!


Step 1

Schedule A Call

A quick, free, 15-minute call is all it takes to get started.

Step 2

Sign-up Clients

The more you sign-up
= Less Base Cost
= Greater Profit

Step 3

Grow your Business

Give your clients even more.
We do all the work and
We make doing business easy.

We stay with you every step of the way!
Greg Owner



If you give IMC PRO Reseller a try and you end up deciding it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time.

Because IMC Reseller is a great service and we know you’ll love it.

If at any point you have a question or concern, our team guarantees speedy support and expert guidance to help you fully understand how to use the service to your advantage.